Theater und Orchester Heidelberg

Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg

is the dance division of Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, a municipal theater led by Intendant Holger Schultze presenting drama, opera, concerts, dance and youth theater.

Since 2012, Nanine Linning is artistic director and chief choreographer of its dance company. With her twelve dancers, she presents a new production every year, revives pieces from her repertoire and engages in special multidisciplinary projects with collaborators from the fields of (media-)art and science. Touring internationally, Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg is furthermore striving to promote the artistic profile of Theater und Orchester Heidelberg also beyond city limits. Since 2014, Theater und Orchester Heidelberg hosts its own international dance festival »Tanzbiennale Heidelberg«.

Nanine Linning

01-Nanine-Linning_c_Annemone-Taake_nurkopf-215x300To date, her artistic accomplishments range from dance productions and operas to inter- and multidisciplinary collaborations with scientists and fellow artists. Apart from multiple awards, she received nominations for both the Dutch NPS Culture Award (2000) and the German FAUST-Award – for the productions Voice Over (2012) and Zero (2013) respectively. In the last three years, Linning’s name has appeared frequently in the yearbook tanz in their section »company or collective of the year«. She also earned two mentions in the author’s survey of Die deutsche Bühne in the category of »outstanding contributions to the current development of dance«. The revival of her piece Requiem at Konzert Theater Bern (2015) was awarded the Swiss Dance Award and was named one of the »performances of the year« by tanz. Linning is member of the artistic board of directors of the dance festival Tanzbiennale Heidelberg as well as the Choreographic Centre Heidelberg. As of the 2016|17 season, Linning is also artistic director of the International Competition for Choreographers Hanover.

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Upcoming productions and repertoire are


von Nanine Linning

Trans Lucent

Jugendtanzprojekt von Gary Joplin


von Nanine Linning


von Nanine Linning

Hieronymus B.

Tanz durch Hölle und Paradies von Nanine Linning

Fr 23.02.2018, 19.30 Uhr
Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen