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Teatro La Plaza, Peru

German premiere ¡Adelante!
German premiere ¡Adelante!
in Spanish with German supertitles
[recommended for ages 15 and up ]

»He was working as usher in a theatre where the manager was looking for an actor to play the main character. Today, Jaime Cruz is an actor exploring different conceptions of »to be or not to be« together with other people with Down syndrome.« — The Curators

A group of performers with Down syndrome takes centre stage. In a free interpretation of Hamlet, they share their heart's desires and disappointments with the audience. What does »to be« mean for people for whom there is hardly any space where they are adequately recognised? In the past, people with Down syndrome were considered a burden for society, a social problem. In a world where productivity and efficiency as well as unattainable ideals in beauty and consumerism are considered a paradigm of human life – what does their existence mean, what is it worth? 

Teatro La Plaza explores and interprets reality with the goal of opening up critical perspectives in social discourse. Since 2003, the company has been staging productions that provoke, question and surprise at the same time.

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Play and Director
Chela De Ferrari
Direction and Dramaturgic Assistants
Jonathan Oliveros, Claudia Tangoa, Luis Alberto León
Octavio Bernaza, Jaime Cruz, Lucas Demarchi, Manuel García, Diana Gutierrez, Cristina León Barandiarán, Ximena Rodríguez, Álvaro Toledo
Voice Coach
Alessandra Rodríguez
Mirella Carbone
Video Design
Lucho Soldevilla
Light Design
Jesús Reyes
Stage Manager
Allyson Espinoza
Andrés Nunton
Jhosimar Sullon
Kevin Yupanqui
Tour Manager
Roxana Rodriguez
Teatro La Plaza
Cast Coordination and Support
Rocío Puelles