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2nd Bachchor Concert

»Christmas with the Bach Family«

Winter in Schwetzingen
Winter in Schwetzingen
Johann Sebastian Bach: »Meine Seel erhebt den Herrn« / Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: »O Wunder, wer kann dieses fassen?« / Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach: »Die Kindheit Jesu« – Ein biblisches Gemälde / Johann Sebastian Bach: »Christen, ätzet diesen Tag«
Choir rehearsals
Musical Direction

A pre-Christmas concert with the most beautiful works from the Christmas compositions of Bach's son, other Bach relatives and, of course, Johann Sebastian Bach himself. You can experience the diversity of one of the most productive families in the history of music, because almost all of them were musicians. Especially Johann Christoph Friedrich, Friedemann and Johann Sebastian Bach are to be mentioned. They wrote works that still enrich concert programs today.

Listen to an introduction in German by Christian Kabitz here.