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2nd Philharmonic Concert

Grażyna Bacewicz: Concerto for String Orchestra / Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Concerto in B-flat Major op. 19 / Franz Schubert: Symphony No. 2 in B-flat Major D125

Aula der Neuen Universität
Piano and Musical Direction

Written in 1948 by the Polish composer, pianist, violinist, teacher and author Grażyna Bacewicz, the neoclassical Concerto for String Orchestra takes the form of a concerto grosso and yet is twentieth century music.

Conceived opinion has it that Beethoven's Piano Concerto in B-flat Major was his second work in this genre. In truth, however, the B-flat major concerto was the first piano concerto Beethoven wrote. The master had composed an early version while still in Bonn.

Franz Schubert's Symphony No. 2 was created in 1814/15, but not published until 1884. One of the work's admirers was Antonín Dvořák, who, despite the audible influences of Haydn and Mozart, heard the composer's own individual style in the »character of the melodies«, the »harmonic development« and the »exquisite details of the orchestration«. When the work was premiered in 1877, newspapers reported that »there ensued thundering applause«.

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