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King Thrushbeard

Based on the fairy tale by the brothers Grimm

Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele
Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele
Young Theatre [6+]
Englischer Bau
Stage adaptation by Natascha Kalmbach

King Friedrich's daughter Aurelia is as beautiful as she is haughty. What's more, she wants to spend day in and day out only with King Christian instead of devoting herself to her royal duties. The father then decides that it is time for Aurelia to take over the day-to-day running of the kingdom, and preferably not alone, but with someone who can actively support her. So King Friedrich, Aurelia's father, invites young, marriage-minded, noble men from all over the world to his castle. But the haughty Aurelia only mocks them all: one is too fat, the other looks like a cricket and one has such an ugly beard that she only calls him King Thrushbeard. Her father shudders at her wickedness and promises to marry her to the next best beggar. Unexpectedly, such a beggar appears immediately and takes the princess away with him. Will the princess find her way in her new life? And will she ever see her friend, King Christian, again?

This production is accompanied by a programme from the Arts & Education team.

Stage and Costumes
Theatre Education
Prinzessin Aurelia
König Christian von der Mark Waldsee, Drosselbart
König Jo von Romero/König Wolfgang-Maria von Köthen-Zechen/Korbverkäuferin
König Dikus von Popolonien/König Franz von Mutterstadt
König Siegfried Strahl von Rüdenstadt zu Wolfsburg-Zwingenburg-Schwalln/Herzog Balthasar von Mathemanien/Fischhändler
König Friedrich, Vater von Aurelia