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The Caucasian Chalk Circle

by Berthold Brecht / Music by Paul Dessau

in German
[recommended for ages 16 and up]

Putsch in Georgia! Governors executed! Civil war! In these old and bloody times, the kitchen maid Grusche finds a little child left behind in the confusion of flight and displacement. She takes it in, feeds it and raises it. She even risks her engagement to the soldier Simon for that. Even more: Grusche flees to the mountains to protect the child from the ironshirts who are tracing the descendant and heir to the unseated governor. After the civil war, the governor’s wife claims the child she has given birth to.

Created in 1944 and updated as well as amended time and again, Bertolt Brecht’s great parable »The Caucasian Chalk Circle« talks about motherhood and motherly love, justice and right, war and flight as well as the all encompassing question: Who does the Earth belong to?

Composition, Musical Direction
Paul Pötsch
Stage Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Ralf Kabrhel
Theatre Education
Mareike Schneider
Grusche Vachnadze
Simon Chachava
Sänger / Schauwa
Adjutant / Mönch / Azdak
Gouverneur / Bauer / Jussup / Mann / Hinkender / Zweiter Anwalt
Gouverneursfrau / Aniko
Koch / Stallknecht / Der Alte / Großfürst
Köchin / Bäuerin / Schwiegermutter / Arzt / Die Alte
Kinderfrau / Händlerin / Erpresser / Erster Anwalt
Der fette Fürst / Lavrenti / Invalide / Staubbedeckter Reiter
Erster Arzt / Soldat / Gefreiter / Panzerreiter
Zweiter Arzt / Soldat / Holzkopf / Panzerreiter
Live Music
Electric guitar, piano, Rhodes, sound design
Paul Pötsch
Elisa Herbig
Geige, Klavier
Annegret Enderle
Assistant Director
Therese von Aretin, Helen Metzger
Assistant Stage Design
Theresa Schneider
Costume Assistant
Ludmila Schopka
Stage Management
Joris Freisinger
Sara Kreß
Hospitanz Direction
Luzie Spangenberg, Matti Küssner

The production of the decorative parts is carried out in the workshops of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg.

A complete list of all employees of the technical departments involved can be found here.