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The Talented Mr Ripley

Based on the text by Patricia Highsmith

Zwinger 1
in German
[recommended for ages 14 and up]

Tom Ripley had actually planned to become an actor, when Greenleaf, a rich ship builder from New York, asks him to get his son, Richard, whom Tom has met briefly, to come back to the US and into his father’s company. So Tom Ripley travels to Europe. As Mr Greenleaf has granted him a generous financial advance, Tom keeps postponing the news that Richard will not come back. Richard, by now a painter in an Italian fisher village, and his girlfriend, are living the dolce vita Tom has always dreamed about. When Mr Greenleaf gives up on his campaign to bring his son back, Tom is in danger of losing his financial basis and carries out a diabolic plan: He kills Richard, gets rid of his body in the ocean and takes over his role by perfectly imitating his voice, his clothes, his way of walking and his signature. How long can that last?

Corinna Reichle
Stage Design and Costumes
Theatre Education