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Among You

by Thomas Depryck

World premiere
World premiere
Zwinger 1
German by Frank Wiegand / Commissioned by Theater und Orchester Heidelberg / in German

Who are we if we don’t live in our home anymore? What happens in our bodies when the language we speak every day is not our mother tongue?  Why do Europeans feel uprooted in Europe? »Among You« is a performance in French and German that works without subtitles. A journey between Belgium and Germany and a profession of love to multilingualism and to Europe. An ode to constant adaptation and translation.

Director Suzanne Emond grew up in Belgium with French and Slovakian. Since 2016, she has been living in Germany and regularly works with German and English. »Among You« is the second time she is working with renowned Belgian author Thomas Depryck who among others won the Internationaler Autor*innenwettbewerb (International Writers’ Competition) of Heidelberger Stückemarkt in 2016.

Suzanne Emond
Stage Design and Costumes