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The Doctor

by Robert Icke / Loosely based on »Professor Bernhardi« by Arthur Schnitzler

German by Christina Schlögl / in German
[recommended for ages 16 and up]

A fourteen year old girl is dying. Because she can’t reach the girl’s parents, the attending doctor refuses the Catholic priest access to her patient. An incident that rapidly turns into a public scandal. The Jewish doctor is confronted with antisemitic and misogynist reactions while the Black priest, in his turn, accuses her of racism. The girl's parents meanwhile are influential sponsors. And with the doctor's professional existence in jeopardy, the entire clinic's existence is as well.

British author Robert Icke has written a celebrated moral thriller, showing the people behind complex discussions. Performed in Heidelberg for the first time, Icke’s »brilliant expansion of Schnitzler’s original« (The Guardian) is put on the stage by Pia Richter.

Stage Design and Costumes
Malik Diao
Theatre Education
Mareike Schneider