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Death of a Salesman

by Arthur Miller

Alter Saal
in German
[recommended for ages 15 and up]

Willy Loman has been a salesman for over 40 years. Business is going well. Or rather: was going well. For some time now, business has been slow and Willy expects to be let go and things are going downhill with his two sons, Happy and Biff, as well. And that even though Biff used to be a huge success. Plagued by his professional failures, the constantly growing pressure of capitalistic optimisation and the undoing of his meticulously created and internalised family image, Willy is lost in a furious maelstrom of illusion and reality. Romanticised past and frustrating present combine to create a gruelling life lie turning Willy’s briefcase of samples from work equipment into a symbol for the discontinued sample »Loman«.

After »Minna von Barnhelm« Arthur Miller’s »Death of a Salesman« is Ronny Jakubaschk's second stage production in Heidelberg, focusing on a text where comedy and tragedy go hand in hand.

Stage Design
Costume Design
Theatre Education
Mareike Schneider