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Dance show by Iván Pérez together with Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg

World premiere
World premiere
[recommended for ages 16 and up]

Iván Pérez will never forget how enthralled, excited and overwhelmed he was when he discovered one of Jackson Pollock's large scale artworks at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and how he sat in front of it for hours. With the invention of Action Painting in the late 1940ies, Pollock revolutionised the art world.

In 2024, the Artistic Director of Dance Theatre Heidelberg created a multidisciplinary and choreographic dance analysis of the extraordinarily gifted artist that Pollock was. Starting in the foyer, this performance allows spectators to be immersed even before going on into Marguerre Saal, where the stage has been turned into an artist's workshop welcoming the audience. Iván Pérez creates a choreography for bodies and movement, Yamila Rios composes a hybrid score for Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg, Naomi Kean designs abstract and expressive costumes coming to life in front of Sam Beklik’s immersive set.

Choreography and Direction
Musical Direction
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Musical arrangement
Stage Design
Costume Design
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Artistic Production Management
Dance Education
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