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Family play based on the text by Michael Ende

Young Theatre [6+]
Alter Saal
adapted for the stage by Vita Huber / in German

On the outskirts of a city with many newly built districts, Momo, a little girl with curly brown hair, lives in an old derelict amphitheatre. She does not have much except for a very special gift: She is an extraordinary listener. This gift alone allows her to console, end arguments and to give her friends, Gigi, the tour guide, and Beppo, the street cleaner, the feeling of having found their place in the world. One day, however, strange men enter the city. They are dressed in grey from head to toe and smoke ash grey cigars. These Men in Grey are agents of the Time Savings Bank and they have come to entice time away from people. Everyone wants to save time now. When Momo finally finds out the dark secret of the Men in Grey, she decides to bring people back the time they were stolen. She has help in the form of a tortoise named Kassiopeia and the administrator of time, Master Hora. A thrilling chase not only against time but also about time ensues!

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Stage Design and Costumes
Anette Wolf
Theatre Education