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My Rather Strange Friend Walter

by Sibylle Berg

Young Theatre [10+]
Zwinger 3
in German

Lisa can solder computers from old metal and spends her evenings looking for extraterrestrial life with her astro programme. Her interest in life on other planets also comes from the fact that life on our planet isn’t easy for Lisa: People at school ignore her and at home her parents spend their lives on the sofa since they lost their jobs. One night, however, a spaceship really does land in the woods behind Lisa’s house. The aliens spare the Earth a hasty disgusted glance before they turn, head over heels, to scurry back home. In their hurried departure, one of them is left behind: Klakalnamanazdt, called »Walter« by Lisa. Walter takes Lisa by the hand and starts to sort out her life.

Stage Design and Costumes
Anette Wolf
Theatre Education