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zwinger x metropolink

After-Party for Heidelberger Herbst

zwinger x
Alter Saal

For the weekend of Heidelberger Herbst, the Metropolink team transforms the Square right in front of the theatre into an urban light and music venue! And after the romance of Heidelberg merges with pure creative energy in the middle of the Old Town, which should not end with the night's rest, Metropolink invites you to an absolute highlight for its tenth anniversary this year:

In cooperation with zwinger x, the doors of the Alter Saal in the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, one of the most beautiful rooms in the city, will open at 11 pm for the after-party! There will be a special kind of late-night transformation experience here, consisting of projection art, DJ greats and delicious drinks. We look forward to seeing you there!