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The Love for Three Oranges

Opera in four acts and a prologue by Sergei Prokofiev

Musical Theatre
Poetry by the composer following Carlo Gozzi / German version by Jürgen Beythien und Eberhard Sprinkin / in German with German supertitles
[recommended for ages 13 and up]

Commotion in the world of theatre! Which stage form is the truest? Tragedy and comedy are in embittered enmity. Who tells the best tale? Evidence is called for, so raise the curtain for »The Love for the Three Oranges«. What does it take to make the better story? Firstly, a pitiful fate: the prince who never laughs; secondly, great tragedy: the prince laughs after all, only once, but unfortunately at the evil sorceress, who immediately condemns him to said love for the oranges; and thirdly, counter-magic: the oranges are really three enchanted princesses, of whom the prince can at least save one with the aid of the good sorcerer. How does the best tale end? Is it a sad or happy end? Can the poets agree? And what does the audience think?

Sergei Prokofiev's opera, premiered in Chicago in 1921, is a fairy tale, fable, wicked satire and ironic parody. Most of all, however, it is great theatre about the theatre.

This production is accompanied by a programme from the Arts & Education team.

Musical Direction
Guillermo Amaya
Stage Design
Ralph Zeger
Nina Lepilina
Choir Direction
Music Theatre Education
Der Kreuz-König / Die Köchin
Der Prinz
Prinzessin Clarice
Pantalone / Farfarello
William Desbiens
Der Zauberer Celio
Fata Morgana
Katrin Kapplusch
Carlotta Lipski
Chor und Extrachor des Theaters und Orchesters Heidelberg
Director of Studies
Johannes Zimmermann
Assistant Director
Lennart Kammler
Assistant Stage Design
Bettina Ernst
Stage Management
Sandra Wisotzki