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zwinger x wider-reden

Shortlist reading of the Heidelberger Autor:innenpreis 2024

zwinger x
Zwinger 1

The Heidelberg Author Award will be presented for the seventh time this year. This time, the focus of the competition lies on political engagement and a critical examination of social developments. In view of the worrying shift to the right, for the first time the prize was not awarded for the genres of poetry, prose and essay, but for speeches as a participatory text form: Speeches directed against right-wing extremism and any form of discrimination, protesting, resisting, showing ways out; in short: counter-speech. The prize-winning texts submitted are based on an intersectional approach that looks at the numerous dimensions of oppression, racism, anti-Semitism, anti-feminism and climate denial that prevent an open, pluralistic society.

At the shortlist reading, the six speakers nominated by the jury will present their «Wider-Reden» in cooperation with the Literaturherbst. The award ceremony will take place in October.

The Heidelberger Autor:innenpreis was founded in 2018 and is a non-profit project. Its jury and organization team is primarily concerned with discovering the literary voices of the city and region and making them audible. Further information can be found here: