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Hanna Herfurtner und lautten compagney BERLIN: »Resurrection«

Johann Sebastian Bach: originals, alienations, arrangements

Guest performance Winter in Schwetzingen
Guest performance Winter in Schwetzingen
Rokokotheater Schwetzingen
lautten compagney BERLIN
Musical Direction and Theorbo
Wolfgang Katscher
Hanna Herfurtner

Old acquaintances in a new guise - this applies both to the ensemble that regularly performs in Schwetzingen with director Wolfgang Katschner, which shows itself from a hitherto unknown side in this concert, and to the composer Johann Sebastian Bach, who is at the centre. On this evening, his music is heard as a format that transcends genre boundaries in a mixture of historical and modern sounds, original, alienated and arranged. Contemporary and old instruments interact and create new sound worlds between early music, lounge and jazz.

The motto »Resurrection« stands here for many possible aspects that the music of the famous Thomaskantor can fulfil, for example as a provider of consolation or as an opening of emotional and mental spaces. For this extraordinary project, the soprano Hanna Herfurtner, known for her versatility, accompanies the lautten compagney BERLIN.