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Remmidemmi. Route 6: Whistleblowers

with texts by Konstantin Küspert, Rebekka Kricheldorf and Raphaela Bardutzky

Psychologisches Institut

On route 6 you will see »emptiness / teachings« by Konstantin Küspert in the Psychological Institute, »The Good Ones« by Rebekka Kricheldorf in the Alter Saal and »The Light of the World« by Raphaela Bardutzky in the Marguerre-Saal.

The starting point is the Psychological Institute at Hauptstraße 47-51, from there you will be led by a guide. 

How does Remmidemmi work?
Depending on which route you choose, your festival tour will start at a different location: either at the Zwinger (Routes 1 and 2), at Theaterplatz (Route 3), at the Mark Twain Center (Route 4), at the Chapel (Route 5) or at the Psychologisches Institut (Route 6). No matter where you start, you will be guided from event to event by festival guides from the starting point. On Route 4 and 5, buses will take you from the Südstadt to the theatre. On Route 2, the Audiowalk gives you a walk through the old town. On Route 1, 3 and 6 the routes are no longer than 800 metres and all venues are in the old town.

All performances on Friday and Saturday start at 5pm. On each route, the starting times of the following performances vary. The festival ends at around 11.00 pm at the Heidelberg Theatre.
The performances on Sunday start at 4.00 pm and the festival ends around 10.00 pm.