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Workshop 1+1=3: A Formula for We-Fair Spaces in Heidelberg

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in cooperation with the Verein gegen Müdigkeit e. V.

Heidelberg is the city where we live and spend most of our free time. When we leave our homes, we walk through streets, parks and across squares. But although this space belongs to all of us, we cannot simply have a say in how it should look. That's why there are often no more than a few benches, rubbish bins and a small flower bed. That's what 1+1=3 wants to change. With a large group of Heidelberg citizens, the project is working out a formula for turning our parks and squares into "we-places". Places where different people come together, feel comfortable and do things that are not possible at home.

With 1+1=3, everyone can have their say, because we all use public space and know what we are missing. On four dates in autumn, the participants will develop a formula for a city fit for us, accompanied by experts.

Contact: verein [​at​]