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zwinger x ruiseñor (mockingbird)

Dance performance about neurodiversity by Julián Lazzaro and the DTH

zwinger x
Zwinger 1
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»Ruiseñor« is a choreographic project that approaches the subject of autism through the body, language and individual perception, taking a look at the communication gap between society and the members of this group. The piece was created by dancer and choreographer Julián Lazzaro, who was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome -an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)- at the age of nine. Based on his kinesthetic perception of the world and autism-derived stereotypes, Julián Lazzaro uses different artistic means on stage, such as movements, sounds, voices and objects. We encounter a body that, after collapsing, embarks on a journey of self-knowledge; a reflection on man's constant search for overcoming and wholeness through the enigma of autism.
This event will be held only in English.

José Alarcón (Guest dancer), Andrea Muelas Blanco, Julián Lazarro, Yi-Wei Lo, Capucine Schattleitner, Lucía Nieto Vera