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zwinger x afro festival

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The afro-Festival is a safe space. Participation in the festival is only for people who identify as a Black person.

To kick off the afro-Festival 2022, we will take an exclusive look at Black perspectives in film and television. In a cosy atmosphere we will watch a film by a Black filmmaker and afterwards discuss with Black filmmakers. 

The afro-Festival is a community festival for Black people in the Rhine-Neckar region, organised by a group of Black activists and artists in Heidelberg and Mannheim. 

The experiences of Black people in Germany show how important it is for Black people to organise and network. With the afro-Festival, we want to bring our community together, exchange ideas, learn together and celebrate. 

Every year since 2020, the festival has focused on the diversity of Black perspectives and inspires Black people from the region and beyond with a mixture of workshops, readings, discussions and parties. Away from the white majority society, the afro-Festival creates a space of free development for the development of one's own identities and shared visions of the future.