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zwinger x bühne für menschenrechte

No More: A Documentary Play about Solidarity

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in German without supertitles

In the new play »No More - A Documentary Play about Solidarity« by Bühne für Menschenrechte, three women tell of violence and experiences that are still not heard despite decades of struggle by those affected. And of the never-ending, empowering struggle. We do not tell about »the woman« or »about« women, but show a play that was developed together with affected women and unites their appeals.

On stage are three actresses to whom the women lend their voices. A DJ or musician actively accompanies the play. In conversation with each other and with the audience, they speak openly about their lives, their activism and solidarity with each other as experts from experience and people. It becomes clear that while more people are developing an awareness of domestic violence, society is seemingly blind to other forms of violence against women: cultural and institutional violence against women are rarely in the public discussion.

Multiple discrimination based on racism, religion, classism, rejectionism and violence against women that arises from it are still almost not addressed in politics as well as in society. Here it is important to move the discourse forward: What does violence against women* mean beyond visible violations? What does multiple violence mean? And how do the women* feel?

Follow-up discussion with the actresses, a representative of the Heidelberg Women's Counselling Centre and Dr. Marie-Luise Löffler ( Frauen- und Gleichstellungsbeauftragte, Stadt Heidelberg). Moderation: Johannah Illgner

A cooperation with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Heidelberger Frauenverbände und -gruppen, Mosaik Deutschland e. V., the Amt für Chancengleichheit and the Theater Heidelberg.