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Al fondo riela (Lo Otro del Uno)

Rocío Molina

Guest performance German premiere Tanzbiennale Heidelberg
Guest performance German premiere Tanzbiennale Heidelberg

»Al fondo riela (Lo Otro del Uno)« is a piece about reflection and the loss of reality, a work where all the ghosts of the past emerge. In the second part of her trilogy, Rocío Molina, dressed in all black, spars with two guitarists. She dances farrucas, seguiriyas, bulerías, soleás, in a constant struggle with her own image, with the Other (»Lo Otro de Uno«), who forces her down into the depths of all her own fears. Vanity, ambition, pride, solitude […] but it Glimmers in the Depths (»Al fondo riela«). Colour seeps back into the darkness. The liberation, the the Return to the Self (»Vuelta al Uno«), is near.

The choreographer Rocío Molina has coined her own artistic language based on a reinvented traditional flamenco style, which respects its essence, but embraces the avantgarde. Radically free, she combines in her works technical virtuosity, contemporary research and conceptual risk. »Trilogía sobre la guitarra« is a project articulated in three pieces which, although in a continuous relationship to each other, are independent shows: »Inicio (Uno)«, »Al fondo riela (Lo Otro del Uno)« and »Vuelta a Uno«.

Artistic Direction & Choreography
Rocío Molina
Eduardo Trassierra and Yerai Cortés
Conceptual Development
Nerea Galán
Art Direction
Julia Valencia
Antonio Serrano, Julia Valencia, Rocío Molina
Lighting Design, Animation & Projections
Antonio Serrano
Sound Design
Javier Álvarez
Julia Valencia
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Coproduction: Danza Molina and Chaillot – théâtre national de la danse, Paris; Teatros del Canal – Comunidad de Madrid; Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla; Théâtre de Nîmes, Scène Conventionnée d’intérêt national – art et création – Danse Contemporaine; Scène Nationale du Sud-Aquitain. With the collaboration of Teatro Cervantes de Málaga. Rocío Molina has been an associate artist of Chaillot – théâtre national de la danse de Paris and is the new Silver Lion award for dance of Venice Biennale. With the support of INAEM.