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Youth Dance Project with Wiebke Hofmann and Gaëlle Morello

Tanzbiennale Heidelberg
Tanzbiennale Heidelberg
Dance [6+]
Alter Saal

Free, mobile, flexible, individual, alone, and yet we are connected to each other, to our family, our ancestors, our friends, and our companions. What do these connections mean to me, and how do they influence me? What have I experienced so far? What moments and decisions have shaped me? Who am I now? What are my wishes and dreams? What paths will I take? »Freischwinger«, a play between holding on and letting go, considers the effects of our conscious and unconscious decisions and questions our connectedness and freedom.

Wiebke Hofmann has been working as a dance teacher and choreographer in Heidelberg and the surrounding area for 25 years. She has been the director of the Ballettwerkstatt Heidelberg since 2013. At the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, she has worked as a dancer, choreographer, and dance captain in numerous opera and operetta productions and created several dance productions for young people.

As a dancer, Gaëlle Morello was a member of the Stadttheater Hagen, Hildesheim, and Fürth for several years. In 2010, she earned her diploma as a dance teacher at the Centre National de la Danse, Paris. Since 2008 she has worked as a choreographer, trainer, and dance teacher for ballet and contemporary dance in both amateur and professional settings. Since 2016 she has been a specialist in the functional analysis of the body in danced movement.

Isabella Atkins, Minna Baranyai, Liv Gork, Franca Gutsche, Sarah Kassmann, Romy Kesternich, Ella Krohn, Louise Legendre, Julia Lindenau, Janna Rodriguez, Maria Rudolf, Léa Sicurani, Merle Theil
Concept & Choreography
Wiebke Hofmann, Gaëlle Morello
Stage & Costumes
Isabel Wibbeke
Lighting design
Andreas Rehfeld