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Lucia Montes and Mado Dallery

Guest performance Tanzbiennale Heidelberg
Guest performance Tanzbiennale Heidelberg
Zwinger 3

In a singular space­time, we find two bodies attracted to each other, living together, affecting each other, merging. In an environment that passes from ethereal and intan­gible, to the most earthly and conscious. The two bodies leave a trail, a trace of movements that suggest endless sensations. Sometimes coexisting in the same world that surrounds them, others times remaining in their per­sonal inner world. Two bodies come together in a subtle and magnetic way. We travel on a material path, of per­ceptions and changes that take over the bodies, inviting everyone to join it. 

The collaboration between the dancers and choreographers Lucía Montes and Mado Dallery was born from the desire to create and dance together, uniting the knowledge in different disciplines and using the great artis­tic and personal affinity they have been de­veloping. Having a shared research interest in the performing arts and, in particular,  in movement, opened the door for joint creations. 

In addition to the Young Jury prize in the 35th »Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid«, »IN­-SIDE« was awarded the Tanzbiennale Heidelberg Prize by the artistic director of Dance Theatre Heidelberg, Iván Pérez, enabling the piece to be included in the 2023 festival program in Hei­delberg. 

Lucía Montes and Mado Dallery
Lucía Montes and Mado Dallery
Carla Paucar
Lighting Design
Sergio García
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The piece has been awarded with the first prize of the Jury at CICBUNY 2021 (dancing with stones) and the Young Jury prize in the 35th »Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid«.