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Regina Rossi

Guest performance Tanzbiennale Heidelberg
Guest performance Tanzbiennale Heidelberg
Dance [6+]
Zwinger 3
A concert choreography for people aged six and older

Sometimes it’s all about a feeling and how it changes. You face injustice, you get angry and you have to decide. What do I do with this feeling, what becomes of my an­ger? In »Schlagsahne« Regina Rossi and her team develop a new language moulded from dance and music. Using their instruments, voices and bodies, the band members transform the stage into a space filled with vibration and oscillation, where even the props create sound. They sing, play and dance their way through different facets of rage and they warn: it can get really, really loud!

The Brazilian choreographer Regina Rossi studied Applied Theatre Studies, Choreog­raphy, and Performance Studies in Porto Ale­gre, Amsterdam, and Hamburg. Since 2011, she has been producing her works in Ham­burg, which have been shown throughout Germany. Since 2018, Rossi has been focus­ing on creating performances and teaching dance and performance to children and young people. Feminist and with a lot of hu­mour, topics such as emotions, diversity, and empowerment are thematised and staged at eye level for the age groups.

Concept & Artistic Direction
Regina Rossi
By & with
Dennis Deter, Sarah Lasaki, Regina Rossi
Sven Kacirek
Barbara Schmidt-Rohr
Costume, Stage & Lighting Design
Sophia Sylvester Röpcke
Production Management
Eliza Posny
Anja Beutler
Trailer & Video
Martin Prinoth
Press & Public Relations
Ulrike Steffel
Rehearsal Support
Pauline Schönfelder, Marlene Winkler
Drums Mentor
Mounir Brinsi
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A production by Regina Rossi coproduced by Kampnagel Hamburg and LOFFT – das Theater, Leipzig as well as in cooperation with Tanzbiennale Heidelberg and Lernort Kulturkapelle Hamburg / Co-financed by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media, Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, City of Leipzig / Kulturamt, Berit und Rainer Baumgarten Stiftungsfonds under the umbrella of the Hamburg Cultural Foundation.