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Homestories - A sound installation

zwinger x themed weekend #1 Living in Heidelberg

zwinger x
Zwinger 1

Ten people open their doors and private rooms for personal conversations on the topic of »living« in Heidelberg. The varied audio experiences include diverse perspectives and stories from all corners of Heidelberg and are available for listening at various stations in the Zwinger.

Homestory: Akademisch-musische Vereinigung im Palais Rischer

Homestory: Altstadt-WG und Breidenbach Studios

Homestory: Besuch, Barrieren, Bergheim

Homestory: Familie in Neuenheim

Homestory: Renovierter Bauernhof in Seckenheim

Homestory: Studentenwohnheim in Rohrbach

Homestory: Vermieterin in Neuenheim

Homestory: Von Kiew nach Wieblingen

Шлях з Києва до Гейдельбергу