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Loïc Perela, Seung Hwan Lee and Mirko Guido

Guest performance Tanzbiennale Heidelberg
Guest performance Tanzbiennale Heidelberg

With CC-Celebrities, Tanzbiennale provides a stage for ambitious choreographers, who were part of the residency program at Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg. They will show short and intense works, characterised by a clear and personal, uncompromising language. Besides presenting their work, the choreographers will also have the opportunity for a subsequent dialogue with the audience. The focus of this event is th e exchange with one another, reflection, empathy and the promotion of young dance artists. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Choreografisches Centrum, we present works by Loïc Perela, Seung Hwan Lee and Mirko Guido.


»Solo« by Loïc Perela

In »Solo«, Loïc Perela creates bits of stories that stay suspended for you to imagine their ends. He develops soundscapes with his voice and body. Yet, he only knows this moment in time. He is searching to explore the voices, the stories that possibly make him. What are the ways we construct, perpetuate, believe or ignore stories? How do they shape who we are? How do they shape the way we look at and consider others? Histories, politics, social norms, expectations, creative unknowns, and silences to wonder.

Loïc Perela is a choreographer based in Portugal. As a dancer, he has worked for IT Dansa in Barcelona, Donlon Dance Company in Saarbrücken, and Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam. Following the need for a broader frame, he started to create his own work.


»12.09.2017« by Seung Hwan Lee

The landscape of arriving at an emotional junction filled with wondering and loneliness opens up the space of emptiness and a feeling of being trapped. The state of mind is an »uninhabited island« where a culmination of thoughts opens the gate of questioning one's identity and life at its core. The solo piece with the title »12.09.2017« marks a date when performer and choreographer Seung Hwan Lee arrives in this emotional crisis and reflects on it through a dance monologue. This performance shares an intimate and vulnerable portrait of a moment in time that might be relatable to not just one individual but the human condition in general.

Seung Hwan Lee was trained at Kaywon High School of Arts and K-arts in Seoul, Korea. In addition to his career as a dancer i. a. with the EDx2 Dance Company, he has been choreographing his own works since 2011.


»The Shortest Interval« by Mirko Guido

On the empty stage, immersed in a liminal place, the performer explores the interspaces between body, voice, text, and the absence of an imaginary landscape. In this environment of rhythms, textures, and gestures, the space becomes a mesmerizing evolution of continuities and slippages. Created specifically for the Tanzbiennale in Heidelberg, the Solo Performance stems from the project »All That Remains«, which will debut at Bora Bora – Dance and Visual Theatre in Aarhus, Denmark, in April 2023.

Mirko Guido is a choreographer and dancer moving between theatre and alternative contexts and employing dance, voice, text, video, and participatory methods. Since 2022, he has been an in-house artist at Bora Bora – Dance and Visual Theatre, in Aarhus, Denmark.

»Solo« (Short Version)
Choreography, Concept & Performance
Loïc Perela
Sound Design
João Polido
Lighting Design
Agnese Rosati
CC-Heidelberg, Unterwegstheater
Choreography & Performance
Seung Hwan Lee
»The shortest interval«
Fredrik Arsæus Nauckhoff
Choreographic Assistance
Alberto Franceschini
Mirko Guido - Shifting Thoughts and Sigrid Aakvik - Art & About