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Brunch with Unusual Symptoms and Dance Theatre Heidelberg

Tanzbiennale Heidelberg
Tanzbiennale Heidelberg
Foyer Marguerre-Saal
in German and English

In an informal setting around drinks and snacks, dancers from the guest company Unusual Symptoms (Theater Bremen) and the Dance Theatre Heidelberg share a moment with the audience. Together, they exchange ideas about the different ways of working, seeing, and experiencing dance in today’s climate. The event will be moderated by Amy Josh, a former dancer of Tanzmainz, who will guide the participants through the encounter. Dancers are social agents with a voice and specific knowledge about dance and different ideas of where this art form should go. To stir unconventional conversations, we suggest this unusual setting. Therefore, this brunch is an exceptional opportunity to meet each other and dialogue about dance beyond conventions.

Yanel Barbeito, Aaron Samuel Davis, Florent Devlesaver, Gabrio Gabrielli, Carolin Hartmann, Paulina Porwollik, Leisa Prowd, Tamara Rettenmund, Nora Ronge, Andor Rusu, Young-Won Song, Inés Belda Nácher, Thamiris Carvalho, Jochem Eerdekens, Marc Galvez, Julián Lazzaro, Andrea Muelas Blanco, Lucía Nieto Vera, Andrii Punko, Capucine Schattleitner, Mathias Theisen, Yi-Wei Lo, Kuan-Ying Su
Amy Josh