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Workshop with Mar Grifoll

Celebrated Bodies

Tanzbiennale Heidelberg
Tanzbiennale Heidelberg
Friedrich 5
in English / open to professional and non-professional dancers

»Celebrated Bodies« is a workshop about developing skills that can help deconstruct normative notions of body shapes through joyful dance. Dance education is still characterised by a form of body shaming based on the idea that a thin, tall and white body is the ideal type, while any kind of colonised body shape is devalued. If we want to promote diversity, we also need to reconsider the qualities that make up a dance body and change our language about what it is or what it looks like. The workshop invites you to connect with your own body through well-known pop music and to celebrate it through dance and joy. »Celebrated Bodies« is open to professional and non-professional dancers. It serves as a starting point for »Viaduto« by Renan Martins and Frankão.

Mar Grifoll Ginata is a Catalan dancer, artist and comedian living in Madrid and Tortosa. She has been working with Renan Martins since 2019, both as a dancer and as an assistant. She actively advocates for the decentralisation of the Spanish artistic scene, with a particular focus on the role of female artists. She has already offered her workshop »Celebrated Bodies« in various contexts in Spain and abroad.