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Theatre Lab. Test: Change

Theatre workshop during the Easter holidays

[8-13] Internationale Gesamtschule Heidelberg (IGH)
The workshop will be held in German

We invite children and teenagers to become explorers during the 2023 Easter holidays! Together with artists from various disciplines, they will explore the topic of »change« in all its facets.


Information for participants:
The offer addresses young people from the age of 8 to 13 and takes place from 11 to 14 April 2023, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day at Internationale Gesamtschule Heidelberg (IGH), Baden-Badener Str. 14, 69126 Heidelberg.


There will be a public presentation on Friday 14 April 2023 from 4.30 to 5.30 p.m. at IGH.


Participation fee 20€, including lunch / participation is free of charge for Heidelberg Pass holders


PDF registration form here stating your choice of experiment (see below for information on the different experiments). Please send the filled in form via email to kunstundvermittlung [​at​]
The closing date for registration is 31 March 2023.
Registrations will be considered in the order of their submission.


Further information: kunstundvermittlung [​at​]


You can find a flyer containing all information here as a downloadable PDF. 


Experiment 1: Let’s move something! [8–10]
What is change actually, what kinds of change have we already experienced ourselves and what kind of changes do we wish for? With our bodies we go in search of big, small, important and funny changes. We let games become dance and choreograph our own changes.
Led by Elisabeth Kaul / choreograph, dancer

Experiment 2: Suddenly everything is different [8–10]
Writing and improvising
We look for situations in which afterwards nothing was the same as before.
But how does it feel? And how doesn’t it?
We write our own texts, invent stories and characters, improvise short scenes and ask questions:
alone, in pairs and all together.
Led by Lorenz Hippe / author, dramaturg, theatre educator

Experiment 3: Rattlebangsplat [10–13]
Sound design for theatrical scenes
The queen appears, accompanied by euphoric fanfares. The lovers’ separation is underscored with languorous string orchestra music. How does sound support a theatrical scene? What happens when this sound is twisted into the opposite? In this experiment, sound is explored as a component of theatrical performances. We produce sounds for scenes and create soundscapes with voice, objects, or snippets of meme sounds.
Led by Jeremy Heiß / musician, theatre educator

Experiment 4: Change in style? [10–13]
Clothes can tell a lot about us. And with every change in our lives, be it through aging, the influence of our
circles of friends, or our tastes in music, we can also change our style of dress – and reinvent ourselves in
the process!
How much of this is determined by outside influences and how much is up to us? Let’s find out!
Led by Naomi Kean / costume and stage designer

Experiment 5: Tools:
The analogue CharacterEditor [11–13]
From »The Sims« to »Baldur’s Gate«: Many a journey through digital (game) worlds starts with the creation
of a (game) character with the help of a character editor, In our case an analogue, not a digital one. This workshop invites everyone to make this TheatreGameDesign tool their own, to try it out – multiverse.
Led by Sarah Fartuun Heinze / freelance artist, author, cultural educator

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