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Autor*innenwettbewerb Part I

Readings / Autor*innenwettbewerb / Russo/Wyss/Gibba

Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Zwinger 3
13:30 h: »draußen ist wetter (oder die erfindung der straßenverkehrsordnung)« by Caspar-Maria Russo / 14:30 h: »Blaupause« by Leonie Lorena Wyss / 16:00 h: »Doppeltreppe zum Wald« by Lamin Leroy Gibba

The readings will take place in Zwinger 3. In addition, they are available here in livestream and in video following the event.

»draußen ist wetter (oder die erfindung der straßenverkehrsordnung)« / »weather outside (or the invention of the road traffic act)«
The first Road Traffic Act is imposed in a small town in 2022. The news causes a lot of commotion among the flatmates dagmar, inga and ronda. inga and ronda are thrilled, because for them some rules are absolutely logical. ronda is involved in building traffic lights and gathers data for an app. inga develops moving bed biofilm reactors for climate neutral energy generation from meat waste, cause the traffic lights, they need electricity. dagmar, plagued by chronic bronchitis, boycotts this »threat to a solidarian community«. She has more important things to do: The room for their soon to be addition to the family needs to be decorated. The only problem: Her partner ronda doesn’t want a child. Things get even worse for dagmar, because inga successfully pursues her career and works for the mayor, ronda wants out of this marriage and dagmar is very concerned about her freedom. There is only one constant: conversation.

»Blaupause« / »Blueprint«
Blue is gone. It’s gone from the world, gone from the protagonist’s perception. Despite the fact that blue has been such an important, such a warm colour in the young woman’s life. It is not just blue that has been lost, it is also a great love that has been lost to an untimely death. The mourning process is accompanied by memories of growing up as a girl and woman, as a young queer person between the gaggle of adolescent cousins, discovering her own desires and meeting her great love. In »Blaupause«, Leonie Lorena Wyss uses bold language to tell this story in a very entertaining and rhythmic way.

»Doppeltreppe zum Wald« / »Double Stairs to the Woods«
»Entertainment is our currency.« Based on this assumption and amidst moral uncertainties, different life styles are discussed and compared in a safer space. The individual experiences of Black people who grew up in Germany revolve around identity, loss, racism, empowerment, sexuality and repression. Enjoying life to the fullest, while constantly confronted with death, they see themselves and each other as family members, queer people, artists, activists, friends and as collective – between sexual self-determination and social oppression. A potentially gluten-free garden party.

»draußen ist wetter (oder die erfindung der straßenverkehrsordnung)«
Sophie Arbeiter Lisa Förster Esra Schreier
Maria Schneider Goldie Röll
»Doppeltreppe zum Wald«
Sarah Claire Wray
Dena Abay Benita Bailey Patrick Bimazubute Dela Dabulamanzi Gedeon Mfebe Simon Olubowale Sissi Reich Edith Saldanha David Zico

Podcast zum Autor*innenwettbewerb #02 »Blaupause« / Leonie Lorena Wyss im Gespräch mit Maria Schneider

Podcast zum Autor*innenwettbewerb #03 »Doppeltreppe zum Wald« / Lamin Leroy Gibba im Gespräch mit Sarah Claire Wray

Podcast zum Autor*innenwettbewerb #05 »draußen ist wetter (oder die erfindung der straßenverkehrsordnung)« / Caspar-Maria Russo im Gespräch mit Theresa Leopold