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Autor*innenwettbewerb Part II

Readings / Autor*innenwettbewerb / Kutschke/Unterthiner/de l’Horizon

Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Zwinger 3
13:30 h: »no shame in hope (eine Jogginghose ist ja kein Schicksal)« by Svealena Kutschke / 14:30 h: »Va†erzunge« by Miriam Unterthiner / 16:00 h: »Dann mach doch Limonade, bitch« by Kim de l’Horizon

The readings will take place in Zwinger 3. In addition, they are available here in livestream and in video following the event.

»no shame in hope (eine Jogginghose ist ja kein Schicksal)« / »no shame in hope (sweatpants are not a fate)«
Three women in a fast food restaurant – just spit out from the machine room of their psyche, seemingly incurable and ready to start a new chapter in their lives. But the so-called outside world brings along questions: Isn’t depression the only adequate reaction to how crappy things are? What is the deer doing on the intersection? Why is our society struggling so much to recognise pain? And why is the ketchup always empty? The extremely young fast food vendor seems to be the only one to have an answer ready for almost anything, which might be due to the fact that she has been working the bar for 90 years. It’s no wonder therefore, that she effortlessly draws a connection from the personal wounds of today to how violence and debt have been dealt with during national socialism. The chips aren’t really crispy. The deer might be a nazi. And the bus leaving the clinic might be a historic misunderstanding.

»Va†erzunge« / »Fa†her tongue«
Based on a true, historic event, this story is about the life of a young woman and her emancipation. The author skilfully interweaves three levels of speech or language, conveying the claustrophobic nature of a rural society as well as the deformation of women and their rebellion.

»Dann mach doch Limonade, bitch« / »So Go and Make Lemonade, Bitch«
In a dark room, on the main stage of RuPaul’s drag race or in the stomach of the alien Schlurz: Four very different candidates meet and have to compete against each other in a survival show. Dwarf Sepia, Birch, Kamchatka-knotweed and Martin, the centaur, need to participate in strange competitions to escape. But if there was a possibility to escape from the competition of the late capitalism - excuse me - of the Schlurz, would the players even take it? On top of that, the author of the text, Kim, accidently includes themself and their nephew Diego into the story. This theatre play is for Diego who represents the child that Kim will probably never have. Or is it all just part of Diego’s imagination? With relish and intelligence, the play »Dann mach doch Limonade, bitch« revolts against current discourses on identity, social assignments and representation. The story eludes all too narrow definitions of terms and categories by using fantastic images of gender fluidity and queerness.



»no shame in hope (eine Jogginghose ist ja kein Schicksal)«
»Dann mach doch Limonade, bitch«

Podcast zum Autor*innenwettbewerb #01 »Va†erzunge« / Miriam Unterthiner im Gespräch mit Jürgen Popig

Podcast zum Autor*innenwettbewerb #04 »no shame in hope (eine Jogginghose ist ja kein Schicksal)« / Svealena Kutschke im Gespräch mit Lene Grösch

Podcast zum Autor*innenwettbewerb #06 »Dann mach doch Limonade, Bitch!« / Kim de l'Horizon im Gespräch mit Ida Feldmann