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Three Comrades

based on the novel by Shida Bazyar, Version of Golda Barton / Stage Direction: Isabelle Redfern / Guest performance Staatstheater Darmstadt

World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
[14+] Alter Saal
Nominierung Jugendstückepreis

»I am not: the incarnation of an integrated society. I am not: the girl you can look at and declare with pity that you take an interest in migrants. I am not: the girl from the ghetto. I am: the girl from the ghetto.« 

Nominated for the German Book Prize 2021, Shida Bazyar’s novel makes it clear right up front how questionable it is to categorise and classify people. Why should people play along in the »clear definition« game, if they know all too well what it means to be continuously questioned because of their origin wherever they go? In a witty, funny, outrageous and playfully unreliable manner that leaps back and forth, Bazyar tells the story of a very special friendship between three young women that oppose violence, hate and ignorance with solidarity. Hani, Kasih and Saya stand together come what may. Until one dramatic night shakes that confidence.

Stage Direction
Isabelle Redfern
Lani Tran-Duc
Flavia Stein
Anton Berman
Ute Pliestermann
Maximilian Löwenstein
Naffie Janha, Stefan Schuster, Süheyla Ünlü, Béla Milan Uhrlau, Jasmin-Nevin Varul, Mariann Yar, David Zico