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There’s Never Been a Woman Like Anna Karenina

Det har aldrig funnits en kvinna som Anna Karenina / By Tone Schunnesson / Stage Direction: Ragna Wei / The Orionteatern Stockholm in cooperation with Riksteatern

World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
in Swedish with German supertitles

Intoxicating desires and broken hearts: She’s not unhappy. But she’s not happy either. There is love in Anna Karenina’s marriage, sure. It’s just not the euphoric, fucked up, wonderful, passionate kind of love. This kind of love that Anna Karenina doesn’t even know she is missing. Until she meets Count Vronsky and her whole life is turned upside down. Both are seized by a strong passion and they start a forbidden love affair. Anna is full of life, desire and longing. Of jealousy, doubts and fears. She has a husband and children. What to do? Anna Karenina has to make a fateful decision. What is the price for a passion so strong that neither her nor the world around her will ever be the same again after?

Tone Schunnesson and Ragna Wei freely interpret Leo Tolstoy’s classic story in a new way, showing the strong societal contradictions between real feelings and material riches. Their language is intense and full of images, excessive and exuberant, sentimental and at the same time characterised by a stark humour. 

Stage Direction
Ragna Wei
Ragna Wei, John Engberg
Sven Dahlberg
Light Design
Marta Khomenko
Lidia Wos
Sound Design
Max-Måns Wikman, Niklas Nordström Music: Christopher Lancaster
Magnus Lindman
Freddy Åsblom, Emma Broomé, Karin Li Korsbarsdal, Martin Luuk, Rafael Pettersson, Nadja Rosenberg