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Festival party with Fofana Jo and DJ Mischeel Amar presented by zwinger x

Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Heidelberger Stückemarkt
zwinger x
Alter Saal

22:30-00:00 Uhr: zwinger x fofana jo
Afrobeats, pop, hip-hop and reggae: Afrofusion with recognition value by singer Fofana Jo
Growing up in Benin (West Africa), Fofana Jo's music combines African sounds, Afrobeats, pop, hip-hop and reggae: Afrofusion at its finest! His lyrics deal with hope, interpersonal relationships, everyday life and love. He writes and sings his songs in French and English, mixed with his 3 african mother tongues.

00:00-2:00 Uhr zwinger x DJ mischeel amar
We warm up for the festival week with the groovy house and disco beats of DJ Mischeel Amar
Her sets are a musical kaleidoscope: genres such as house, disco, techno and breakbeat blend together seamlessly. Mischeel Amar gets the audience dancing - with her intuitive mixing style and her constantly changing sound, which is given its own character through euphoric vocals and changing rhythms.