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Come on gang, let’s break loose

Young Theatre [5+]
Zwinger 3
Club #1 The involved ones [6-9]

»I would build a tree house with my gang. We would spend the whole day sitting in it and looking at the world from above ...«. »I would bite a hole in a giant peach and make myself comfortable in there together with my gang.«. There are many different types of gangs. Even within a gang, everyone is different and sometimes a bit crazy, too. There are gangs that stick together tightly. And there are gangs with loose ties. Club #1 seeks to find out: »Is there room for me in your gang?«

Caroline Eisenträger
Costume Advice
Dramaturgical Advice
Adam Dennemann, Louisa Dräger, Benjamin Eichholtz, Nia Frohmuth, Jari Halfmann, Shivi Kizhukandayil, Mias N’Dila, Emilia Pronkin, Magnus Ring, Matthias Spröhnle, Charlotte Tan, Franziska Tan