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Listen up! #2

Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 94 G Major Hob. I:94 »Surprise« / Sergei Prokofiev: »Symphonie classique« op. 25

Moderation in German
Musical Direction and Moderation

Sergei Prokofiev's »Symphonie classique« begins like a symphony by Joseph Haydn: with a strong orchestral accent. After that, however, the composer leaves the familiar paths, metres overlap, keys change at record speed, listening expectations are not fulfilled and there are surprises again and again. In the comparatively short work with four concise movements, Prokofiev explicitly refers to music history: »If Haydn were still alive, I thought, he would keep his way of writing and adopt some of the new. I wanted to write such a symphony.«

In the concert »Listen up! #2«, the special nature of classical and neoclassical music can be experienced in direct comparison with Haydn's music.