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2nd Piccolo Concert

Colourful – How the rainbow sounds

Concert [0+]
Zwinger 3
Stage and Costumes
Ekaterina Degering
Members of the Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg:
Bass clarinet
Peter Klinkenberg Klaus Wissler

Bright flashes of lightning, thunderous storms, rumbling thunder, replaced by trickling splashes and gentle rays of sunshine – and there is a beautiful, colourful rainbow in the sky. The weather and nature offer a spectacle of colour that has inspired many composers and that will be examined more closely in this concert for the little ones – because what does the rainbow actually sound like?

Music connects generations, is fun and awakens emotions – even in very young listeners. The piccolo concerts invite you to join in and sing along, but also to be still and listen – entertaining, exciting and full of fantasy.