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Mammalian Diving Reflex – Attack!


  • Archiv – Spielzeit 2014|15

  • Spiegelzelt am UniplatzEintritt frei!

Mammalian Diving Reflex has spent the last ten years collaborating with children and young people to mount an attack on adults, an attack on art, an attack on major cultural institutions, and an attack on a social contract that excludes children. Artistic and Research Director Darren OʼDonnell will outline the urgent need for this attack, the motivation behind it, the goals, the strategies, the tactics and the results thus far. One-day, art will lie in ruins, the beautiful buildings that protected it, now elevated to vibrant and radiant community centers as the ubiquitous presence of children yield a world where unmediated expression and play is enough. Until that time: ATTACK!


Referent Darren OʼDonnell