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Tanzbiennale Heidelberg


A project by the TANZallianz

Theater und Orchester Heidelberg joined forces with UnterwegsTheater Heidelberg to establish TANZallianz in 2014. Such a permanent cooperation between municipal theatre and fringe is unique in Germany and has not least made it possible to create a festival that celebrates dance in all its forms.

Tanzbiennale Heidelberg is a biannual festival that has found a firm place in the city and offers a varied programme for dance enthusiasts of any age.

The festival has provided a framework for the establishment of the youth dance project Jugendtanzprojekt and the dance gala Tanz-Gala Baden-Württemberg, while the stages of both cooperation partners are graced by performances from the national and international dance scene. The festival is complemented by an extensive programme featuring podium discussions, film soirees and workshops that invite debate and movement.