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Photo: Susanne Reichardt
Jochem Eerdekens und Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg; Photo: Susanne Reichardt

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Dance Theatre Heidelberg on tour ...

Reality and the Cosmos

First night this season UA
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19:30 → 20:30 h
by Iván Pérez
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Bone Smoke



Back in season 2023/24

Reality and the Cosmos

Jochem Eerdekens und Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg; Photo: Susanne Reichardt
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Dance Theatre Heidelberg

The Dance Theatre Heidelberg promotes contemporary aesthetics as well as an integrative approach within Germany’s state, city and federal theatre landscape. The company’s repertoire includes different creations by Iván Pérez – often in cooperation with the Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg and other divisions – as well as commission works taken over by international guest choreographers. The dance festival Tanzbiennale Heidelberg takes place every other year and is a cooperation with UnterwegsTheater, showing an international guest performance programme. 


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Photo: Susanne Reichardt

Tanzallianz – A cooperation of the Theater and Orchestra Heidelberg with the UnterwegsTheater Heidelberg

The Theater und Orchester Heidelberg as well as the UnterwegsTheater have made it their joint task to promote dance in the city and in the state. The permanent cooperation of a city theatre with an institution of the independent scene is unique in Germany: in close cooperation with the UnterwegsTheater under the artistic directors Jai Gonzalez and Bernhard Fauser, the Theater Heidelberg, under the direction of Holger Schultze, has already hosted three successful editions of the Tanzbiennale Heidelberg. Supported by the city of Heidelberg, the Manfred Lautenschläger Foundation and the land of Baden-Württemberg, the audience was recently presented with an extensive programme of guest performances by international companies and pioneering choreographers from Baden-Württemberg in 2018.
This fruitful collaboration is continued and expanded under artistic director Iván Pérez.

In addition to the Dance Biennale, the Choreographic Centre Heidelberg (CC) was created. It is a joint project near the HebelHalle, offers talented young choreographers reliable production conditions in residence programmes and makes Heidelberg stand out as the base of contemporary dance art.

dance breaking free

The Tanzbiennale Heidelberg 2023 was a complete success. After ten days, during which the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg together with the UnterwegsTheater Heidelberg brought great international dance to the city along the Neckar and provided a platform for the rich and diverse dance scene of Baden-Württemberg, both cooperation partners look back with satisfaction and pride on a festival that exceeded all expectations.

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