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Theatre Clubs

The theatre clubs of Theater und Orchester Heidelberg will start off the season 2022/23 with a call to join forces.

No room for egoists and the world would be a much nicer place, if people came together instead of hating on each other. During the pandemic, we were at times separated, isolated and only saw each other online or at a distance, all the while being asked to show solidarity. But what does that actually mean?

Our theatre clubs meet on a weekly basis to rehearse and work on creating their own productions during the season, which will then premiere in summer 2023.
Our acting clubs are funded by BASF SE as part of the cooperation Junges Theater im Delta.

Club #1 The involved ones [6–9 years]
Club #2 The tied ones [10–12 years]
Club #3 The allied ones [13–15 years
Club #4 The linked ones [16–21 years]
Club #5 The united ones [20+ years]
Club #6 The interdependent ones [18+ years]

Club #6 is accompanied by the Dance Theater Heidelberg (DTH).


Further information via Ilon Jödicke, ilon.joedicke [​at​]

Kick-off meetings

Bildet Banden, sonst sind wir verloren!

Photo: Susanne Reichardt