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Christian Zacharias

»Christian Zacharias conducted without a baton, but his painting of sound gestures with arms, hands and fingers was so inspiring and at the same time structuring that wonderful music was created.« Christian Zacharias is the storyteller among conductors and pianists of his generation. In each of his thoughtful, detailed, and clearly articulated interpretations, it is clear that Zacharias is interested in what lies behind the notes. With a unique combination of integrity and individuality, brilliant linguistic expressiveness, deep musical understanding and a sure artistic instinct, as well as his charismatic and engaging artistic personality, Christian Zacharias established himself not only as the world's leading pianist and conductor, but also as a musical thinker. Numerous acclaimed concerts with the world's best orchestras, outstanding conductors and multiple honors as well as recordings distinguish his international career. Recitals with Christian Zacharias have become a special rarity and in the next few years will take him once again to Paris, Lyon, Madrid, as well as to the Schubertiade. His piano lectures on topics such as »Why does Schubert sound like Schubert?« or »Haydn, A Creation from Nothing?« offer his audiences impressive insights. In addition to numerous awards for his work, Christian Zacharias has been chairman of the jury of the Clara Haskil Competition since 2015, as well as in 2021. In 2018 he was also president of the jury of the Geza Anda Competition and chaired the final concert.