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Déjà-vu. El corazón también recuerda / The Heart Remembers Too

Las Kory Warmis, Bolivia

European premiere ¡Adelante!
European premiere ¡Adelante!
Alter Saal
in Spanish with German supertitles
[recommended for ages 15 and up]

»It was intended as a social project but became an important part of participants’ day-to-day lives. The participants, who work in sales and manufacturing, found a way to process their own stories in an artistic manner and to uncover normalised violence against women.«  — The curators 

What is more painful, keeping silent or yelling? The stories of these different characters are all related to day-to-day violence we experience on a daily basis and form the red thread of »Déjà-vu«. A girl pins newspaper cuttings with sensational headlines to her clothes, a woman talks about her dreams, a teenage girl is excited about turning 15. The play draws a parallel between the fabric of society and the fabrics that are woven by women using different colours, wool and spinning wheels. Why do nightmares repeat themselves? 

Las Kory Warmis (Women Made of Gold) are women who work in sales and manufacturing and who have been making theatre an important part of their lives for the last eight years. They are women from the country who love art and the possibilities of transformation on stage.

Content notes / Information on sensitive content

Erika Andia, Freddy Chipana
Freddy Chipana
Sergio López
Henry Unzueta
Logistics and Coordination
Alexander Gutierrez
Original Music
Pablo Wascar Muñoz Pacheco
Audiovisual Recording
Clara Muñoz 
Justo Limachi Machaca, Nina Amaru Armata López, Celina Marfeli Flores Mamani, Gumercinda Mamani Chambi, Brayam Machaca Aranibar, Carmen Patricia Aranibar Álvarez, Martha Álvarez Velez, Lucila Cutipa Mamani, Mishelle Akianne García Alberto, Nilda Vicky Miranda Mendoza, Mary Alberto Ticona, Elsi Angélica Flores González, Elizabeth López Canelas, Jeny Fernández Soria
Translation, creation of supertitles
Franziska Muche

¡Adelante!/Hinterbühne // Der Festivalpodcast // Folge #07