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História do Olho / Story of the Eye

A Porn-Noir Fairy Tale / Janaina Leite, Brazil

European premiere ¡Adelante!
European premiere ¡Adelante!
[18+] HebelHalle
in Portuguese with German supertitles

»Some of the performers star in porn films in real life. On stage, they turn into fantastic experts of their day-to-day lives and deliver a performance beyond clichés, showing what they do and why.« — The Curators 

Twelve performers, some of them amateurs, some of them professionals, tell the story of three teenagers making their first sexual discoveries. The answer to the question: »What is your relationship with pornography?« allows for the »Story of the Eye« by Georges Batailles and the experiences of the performers to intersect. This play recreates the black fable in between vulgarity and sublimity, the mundane and the cosmic, frivolity and abyss. There will be live music and pornographic scenes during intermission. 

In the Brazilian scene, Janaina Leite is known for her research on the »real in theatre«. Her work took her to France, Spain, Portugal, Chile and Mexico among others.

Content notes / Information on sensitive content


Concept, Director, Dramaturgy and Performance
Janaina Leite
Dramaturgy and Direction Assistant
Lara Duarte und André Medeiros Martins
André Medeiros Martins, Armr‘Ore Erormray, Carô Calsone, Cusko, Ian Figlioulo, Georgia Vitrilis, Isabel Soares, Lucas Scudellari, Ultra Martini, Vinithekid, Tadzio Veiga
Original Composition and Presentation
André Madeiros Martins, Ultra Martini und Vinithekid
Wagner Antônio
Melina Schleder
Body Work
Lara Duarte
Arrangement and Sound Design
Renato Navarro
Music Production
Mateus Capelo
Suspension / Equipe de suspensão
Pombo Morcego, Darktitah und Pamkhada
Bewegliche Schaufensterpuppen und sznografische Assistenz / Concepção de manequins articulados e assistência cenográfica
Tadzio Veiga
Bühnentechniker / Cenotécnicos
Edson Luna und Wanderley Wagner da Silva
Bühnenkoordination / Coordenação de palco
Live-Sound / Operação de som ao vivo
Tontechniker / Técnico de som
R . Navarro
Lichtbetreiber / Operador de luz
Felipe Tchaça
Mitarbeiter*innen / Colaboradores
Eliane Robert Moraes, Christine Greiner, Biaggio Pecorelli, Bruna Kury, Ediyporn, Beto Profeta, Artur Kon, Rodolfo Valente
Cacá Bernardes
Unterstützung / Apoio
Teatro Mars, Centro Cultural da Diversidade
Produktion / Produção
Corpo Rastreado (Ariane Cuminale)

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