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Normalización / Normalisation

El Ciervo Encantado, Cuba

European premiere ¡Adelante!
European premiere ¡Adelante!
Zwinger 1
in Spanish with German supertitles
[recommended for ages 15 and up ]

»Cuba is currently experiencing an exodus in particular among young people. The brothers Lázaro, a dancer, and César Saavedra Nande, a visual artist, still live in Havanna and circle the »normality« of this historic migration in a deranging performance.« — The curators

Lázaro and César Saavedra Nande still live in Cuba. With »Normalisation«, they stage their country's dire situation. Wearing dark sunglasses, César is zapping through the channels on national television. There are the voices of balseros (Cubans who try to flee by crossing the sea on rafts) and the voices of those attempting to cross the Darién jungle on foot. A play as unique as it is disturbing, underpinned by thorough research and its performers’ expressive power. 

Nelda Castillo is one of the most important stage directors of Cuban theatre. In 1996, she founded El Ciervo Encantado as an interdisciplinary lab, creating works that fluctuate between ritual, bodywork, happening, production, installation and »artivism« (political activism through art).

Content notes / Information on sensitive content

Nelda Castillo
Lázaro und César Saavedra Nande
Mariela Brito
Hermes Vergara, Alberto Gutiérrez
El Ciervo Encantado 
Translation, creation of supertitles
Miriam Denger