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Minga de una casa en ruinas / Minga. Moving a Derelict House

Colectivo Cuerpo Sur, Chile

German premiere ¡Adelante!
German premiere ¡Adelante!
Alter Saal
in Spanish with German supertitles
[recommended for ages 15 and up ]

»In a sensitive yet powerful way, the actress takes us to the world of an old Chilean tradition and skilfully draws a connection to current debates around a throw-away society.« — The Curators

The play »Minga« is inspired by a local tradition on the island of Chiloé: Everyone helps out to move the entire house across land or ocean to its new place. Fragments of a derelict house are moved from one location to another, thereby connecting different plots. How many houses, how many homes do we need to destroy before we know who we are? Can we create a new future from the remains of these houses?

Ébana Garín Coronel is an actress, trapeze artist, dancer and producer. In her works, she explores how barriers between communities and bodies can be blurred. Luis Guenel Soto is an actor and stage director and the founder of Teatro Niño Proletario. He confronts issues such as identity, memory and territory in his works. Both head the Colectivo Cuerpo Sur.


Direction and Research
Ébana Garín Coronel, Luis Guenel Soto
Text and Performance
Ébana Garín Coronel
Colectivo Cuerpo Sur
Overall Design Concept
Ricardo Romero Pérez
Composition and Sound Design
Damián Noguera Berger
Set Design Assistant
Montserrat Fonseca Llach
Technical Assistant
Nicolás Zapata Soto
International Representation
Loreto Araya
PAFFF/Arcadia Fryslan – The Netherlands
CECREA – Castro, Centro NAVE, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium
Translation, creation of supertitles
Franziska Muche

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