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Ese Boker en el campo del dolor / Boker in the Promised Land of Pain

La Canavaty, Mexico

European premiere ¡Adelante!
European premiere ¡Adelante!
[16+] Marguerre-Saal
in Spanish with German supertitles

»In powerful images, author and stage director Víctor Hernández captures a Mexico undiscovered by tourists. The search for identity and future of a group of teenagers blends faith, magic, violence and love.« — The Curators

»Boker« is the only survivor of a massacre that saw the murder of the band members of »Kombo Kolombia« during a birthday party. La Canavaty pays tribute to the strength people showed during their long search for those who were missing by combining the popular dance Cumbia, the spirit of Carneval and dancers of the Fidencista religion. The character of »Boker« represents young people from a gang scene that are disproportionately affected by the government's fight against drug dealing.

In 2012, Víctor Hernández founded the company La Canavaty. Since then, he has staged many auto-fictional plays as stage director, actor and producer.

Content notes / Information on sensitive content

Text and Director
Víctor Hernández
Samantha Chavira, Jonathan Rodríguez, David Colorado, Abraham Tornero, Ricardo Daniel, Roberto Cázares
Santiago Martínez, La Canavaty
Production Design
Hiram Kat, Malcom Vargas
Executive Producer
Iván Flores
Assistant to the Director
May Durán
Production Assistant
Esli Cortez
Technical Assistant
Rafael Acuña
Stage Manager
Malcolm Vargas
Artistic Design
Hiram Kat, Malcom Vargas
Sound Design
Hiram Kat
Costume Design
La Canavaty
Musical Score, Voice Coach
Teresa Arias
Body Work Consultant
Miguel Pérez Don Cañalero
Ricardo Daniel
Performance Consultant
Javier Serna
Dramaturgy in Collaboration with
Edén Bastida Kullic
Luis Alberto Rodríguez
Consultant on the social phenomenon »Colombia Chiquita« in Nuevo León
Nicho Colombia
Translation, creation of supertitles
Miriam Denger