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Theatre Council

Young Theatre [10+]
Zwinger 1 + 3

The Theaterrat is an offer from the Junges Theater Heidelberg in which we want to get in touch with our young audience:
As theater professionals, we would like to exchange ideas with our target group, children and young people, about possible topics regarding both our Spielplan and our Spielclubs. To this end, we have invited two students each from grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 to spend a day with us at the Junges Theater in Zwinger 3 and to talk with us specifically about their wishes, topics, challenges and much more.

At our October 13, 2023 Theater Council, students were allowed to work in ministries of Glück, Mitbestimmung, Digitalität, and Queerness and ended up with the following theses:

1. It is good to be different.
2. Happiness is a wealth of family.
3. When you are happy, you can value things more.
4. A life without digitality is like french fries without ketchup.
5. Everyone is allowed to speak their mind without being judged for it.

If interested, please register via jungestheater [​at​]